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Spare no efforts to promote the "1025 hydropower and new rural electrification county construction

Brows: 日期:2012-12-25

  Spare no efforts to promote the "1025 hydropower and new rural electrification county rural construction of China's water resources are very rich, technology can back hurriedly 128 million kw. In the early 1980 s, the state council decided in rural hydropower resources rich areas, in small hydropower is given priority to, promote rural electrification with Chinese characteristics. "11th five-year plan" period, the national built 432 a higher standard of hydropower and rural electrification county. The construction of hydropower and rural electrification county, to improve rural production and living conditions, to promote the rural economic and social development and increasing farmers' income and improve ecological environment, played an important role.

  A, "eleventh five-year plan" hydropower rural electrification have made positive progress.

  In the local party committees, the government's vigorously support and the vast majority of rural hydropower staff's efforts, "11th five-year plan" period, a total of 432 completed the hydropower rural electrification county, with the total investment of 28 billion yuan (including the central subsidies investment of 1.5 billion yuan RMB), excess completed the construction of hydropower and rural electrification county task. 432 county 5 years accumulative total solution without electric power 900000 population, family TongDianLv increase from 98.8% in 2005 to 99.8% in 2010. Per capita annual electricity consumption by 631 kilowatt-hours increased to 1025 KWH, up 62.4%, worth years domestic consumption by 555 kilowatt-hours increased to 798 KWH, up by 43.8%. In the construction of hydropower and rural electrification county along the way, the national rural hydropower rapid development, by the end of 2010 installed capacity reached more than 5900 kw. "Eleventh five-year plan", the construction of hydropower and rural electrification county mountain people positive support, widely participate in the social from all walks of life, to create a good environment of rural hydropower construction.

  Second, "1025 hydropower and new rural electrification county construction facing opportunities and challenges.

  In 2011, the central budget for investment 400 million yuan for water and electricity new rural electrification projects, more than 2010 yuan in 300 million increased by 33%. Although in recent years in rural hydropower development in China has made remarkable achievements, but the poor mountainous area power level is low, water and electricity construction of new rural electrification county still face some problem.

  One is to develop more difficult. Because of raw materials, mechanical equipment, artificial cost rise considerably, all kinds of tax increase, environmental protection investment increase, resulting in the rural hydropower resources development cost increase, and at the same time, because of good resources point less and less, affect the social investment in the development of rural hydropower resources, the enthusiasm of private capital attraction step down. Especially in the poor mountainous areas, the development of rural hydropower resources social benefit and ecological benefit is remarkable, but economic efficiency is not obvious, is difficult to fully through the market to develop rural hydropower resources. At present, guangdong, fujian, zhejiang provinces rural hydropower resources development rate is more than 80%, in part, electrification county already built or under construction project after accumulating the development rate is more than 90%. In such a situation, facing how to crack development problem, must review and adjust their own development.

  2 it is rural hydropower in society there are still certain negative influence. Some places due to no scientific planning, and regulation is not in place, there many disorderly development, influence the ecological environment problems. For instance, many media reports of the minjiang river hydropower station for most water type power generation, the ecological discharge can not meet the requirements, some also caused the local discontinuous flow and dehydration. Hanjiang river upstream part of the development of more than watershed ecological environment carrying capacity, and when construction lack of environmental protection measures, construction abandon slag accumulation in channel inside, occupy river, the impact of the flood control safety and the ecological environment. These fully revealed the current rural hydropower resources development on the ecological environment impact consideration is insufficient, river ecological water compensation mechanism, the ecological base flow etc. The topic that needs to be further researched urgently.

  The third is the interests of farmers and combined with not enough. Rural water resources is China's impoverished mountainous area in addition to land, mountain forest, but rural collective and farmers to the development and utilization of the most valuable resource. Rural water resources is the national, but farmers have backer has mountain, draft relying on water idea, some private enterprise development rural hydropower, local farmers can't get direct benefits, both neither can share economic benefits, and enjoy the cheap electricity, some poor areas farmers in addition to any other appliances outside light still use not, some power station construction engineering, light weight, easy to produce the immigration unstable factors.

  The fourth is to how to do well the construction of new rural electrification county water without fully understanding. Water and electricity new rural electrification construction is the construction of the new socialist countryside is an important part, "1025" how to carry out the new rural electrification county hydropower construction, there has been no understanding of the formation of a unified. How to adapt to the new request of ages, solve the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic electrification construction problem, through what way further service "three agriculture", increase farmers' income, promote the construction of a new socialist countryside needs to be further studied and discussed.

  Third, promote new rural electrification county hydropower construction.

  The ministry of water resources business development and reform commission, the organization establishment "1025" national hydropower new rural electrification plan, plans to invest 43.52 billion yuan, the proper enlargement of the central investment support, in the hydropower resources development potential larger areas, continue to arrange construction 300 hydropower new rural electrification county, new rural hydropower installed capacity of 5.156 million kilowatts, solved without electric power consumption per capita and population, worth power standard in 2010 on the basis of more than 25% growth.

  One is to pay more attention to create a good development environment. Further to establish and perfect the laws and regulations system, supporting documents, and further study of rural hydropower tax, credit, price, Internet and so on, and the rural hydropower work into the legal track, healthy and stable development for rural hydropower provide system security. To strengthen the environmental protection department and the communication, and promote rural hydropower resources development project of the environmental protection work in developing rural water and electricity at the same time, to regulate the licensing system. Simplify the construction procedures, the preferential tax on aspects such as policy, optimize the investment environment. On the rural hydropower power supply area to support rural electric reform, are not allowed to borrow rural reconstruction voluntary transfer of rural power assets behavior, to protect local and the benefit of the masses.

  The second is pay more attention to ecological environment protection. In the ecological protection under the premise of rural hydropower development, the water and electricity new rural electrification projects become protect the ecological environment of the demonstration project. Properly handle the relationship between development and protection, strict implementation of environmental impact assessment and soil and water conservation plan approval system, implement to ecological protection scheduling mode and promote the hydropower resources development and ecological environment protection coordination. Establish and improve the ecological environment protection regulation system and ecological compensation mechanism, to ensure that the release according to regulations, maintain the ecological flow river health life. Strengthen the power station reservoir management, give full play to the power station reservoir purifying water quality, water conservation positive role.

  The third is paying more attention to the farmers' benefit. Guide and encourage farmers to land, forest land resource compensation buy-in, investment work-relief funds invest, small loans, such as water and electricity in means to participate in the new rural electrification county construction, to improve rural infrastructure. In the immigration and flood loss compensation, according to the relevant provisions of the state compensation in time and in full amount, In the power plant construction, try to absorb the rural labor force, the rural residents to provide employment opportunities; Planning and construction of a set of flood control, irrigation, water supply, power generation, a variety of functions of the combination of comprehensive water conservancy project, give full play to the already built hydropower station storage water retention effect, solve the rural people storage water and irrigation, etc; In the power to let farmers enjoy preferential price.

  The fourth is pay more attention to technical progress. To encourage and support the new technology, new technology, new material and new equipment utilization, speed up the old power plant technology transformation, to improve efficiency of resource utilization and rural hydropower technology level of modernization. Training and introduce a group of high quality technical and management talent, not only to introduce and cultivate the high-quality talents, also want to introduce and train the power, hydraulic, management, financial and other related professionals. On the rural hydropower operation workers and rural electrician, strictly implements the system of card mount guard. In a planned way, step by step to actively carry out post training and continuing education for the focus of the industry to the training work, improve rural hydropower system worker's technical ability and the management level, to speed up the rural hydropower technology modernization. Optimization of electrification construction project selection, and small hydropower generation fuel and rural hydropower efficiency flash renovation project coordination, and promote the healthy and orderly development of rural hydropower.

  5 it is pay more attention to supporting the implementation of funds. Water and electricity new rural electrification county construction continues to implement to society and local investment is given priority to, the appropriate allowance policy. The central support investment towards the mid-western poverty-stricken areas and underdeveloped areas inclined; Should be not less than the central place in accordance with the proportion of investment scale support "1025 hydropower and new rural electrification county construction. The various localities should strengthen hair change, finance and other departments communication, coordination and cooperation, and actively carry out local matching funds. To increase the governments at all levels based on the input, and give full play to the function of market mechanism, and encourage, support rural collective economic organizations and peasants to participate in rural hydropower construction. Strengthen the poor mountainous area the development of hydropower resources in the rural credit support, reduce loan threshold, arrange special loan policy support rural hydropower construction, solve the loan difficult problem.

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