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Electrical equipment industry: uhv ac won the "pass" value

Brows: 日期:2012-12-25

  Electric power equipment: zhejiang province - fuzhou uhv ac line the development and reform commission "pass". The project total investment of about 20 billion yuan, around 2014 plans to put into production. Including the line, and the country has been built ac uhv under article 1, 1, and carry out the approval of 3. In general, uhv ac line approval process is far lower than in Chinese three straight expected. It also gives the corresponding high voltage equipment enterprise management ascension brings about great pressure. In comparison, dc line construction process is good, XuJi electrical, nari-relays and enterprise benefit significantly. Need to be paid attention to next week XuJi electrical dc assets reorganization plan announced.

  New energy: 1) pv: rights down, parallel in process simplified promote distributed photovoltaic projects. The relevant state departments intensive examination and approval and to work out a series of photovoltaic good policy, 300 kw - 10 mw distributed photovoltaic power generation project parallel in process, which is expected to be simplified with the increase of distributed photovoltaic total installed target to 15 gw suitably, will greatly promote the distributed photovoltaic projects. 2) wind power: the first wind fire alternative transaction completed, wind power XiaoNa to ease. For TongLiao CLP power plants and wind farms lanterns in China's first wind power and thermal power alternative trading, trading power 10000 kw, the total trading 30000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, wind power XiaoNa and provide a new way of energy saving and emission reduction. 1-9 month state grid company XiaoNa wind 67.8 billion kilowatt-hours, accounting for year 2011, 96% of the XiaoNa wind power, wind power XiaoNa this improved; Realize wind accumulated parallel in 52.9 million kw, the end of 2011 increased by 8.96 million kw.

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